Benefits you cannot ignore: 

  • Recycled from wood waste once destined for landfill.
  • Mossrock is the original and remains the best producer of these mulches.
  • Well seasoned, will last for years.
  • Knits together well, resisting wind and foot tracking.
  • Performs well in every department.
MR 12

Where a more refined mulch is required for large scale projects or even in a domestic situation you cannot beat MR 12. This mulch will grey down over time to blend in well with the landscape of choice.

MR 20

The robust 20mm recycled mulch much sort after for large scale landscape projects. On several large projects it has been still performing well after two years. This makes MR 20 highly economical as a mulch.

Enviro Mulch

Generally used on large scale landscape areas such as freeways. This is our most economical product and still performs well after two years. This product ranges in size from 5mm to 150mm.


Used as a soil builder or blending with other ingredients to make mushroom compost. This product ranges in size from 1mm to 6mm.